DADASH is the fan coin for the "Inu Musume DASH DASH DASH" manga

DADASH is the first fan coin of its kind to be launched in conjunction with the Manga Token project's new strategy, which is to drive fandom and fund the creation of the manga title and associated merchandise and events.


We go by a simple & easy-to-understand construct that you can use DADASH to:

  • Participate in sponsored events

  • Mint the title's NFTs

  • Win the title's merchandise in contests

About the manga

The creation of this manga will be funded by part of the taxation from the coin. As more people trade the coin, more funds are generated for the mangaka to continue the series and produce more interesting works for the title.

We will publish this manga in English on the Trophee platform and eventually extend it to various demographics like China, Japan and Korea. To grow the adoption of the coin, this manga is free for all to read on Trophee.

Inu Musume DASH DASH DASH Manga Sypnosis

Asa is an orphan who grew up in a Japanese temple in a fantastical world where magic exists. She met her saviour, Saki, when she was young and is inspired to become a champion runner like her. Asa's determination and hard work lead her to participate in the annual running contest. However, she discovers it's a dangerous competition filled with treacherous obstacles and powerful magic.

Asa's journey takes her through a magical world where she faces fierce opponents and uncovers a long-forgotten secret that could change the course of the competition forever. Will Asa be able to overcome the obstacles and emerge victorious, or will the dangers of the magical world prove too much for her to handle?

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