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Total & maximum supply: 10,000,000 DADASH

Liquidity: 8,000,000 DADASH and 100 BNB

Bonds: 2,000,00 DADASH

Tax: 4.99%

Antiwhale: Enabled

What do the above numbers mean?


DADASH is a deflationary coin where the absolute total and maximum supply of DADASH is 10,000,000. The entire supply has been minted on day one, and there will be NO FURTHER MINTING.

Deflationary design

The coin is designed with a taxation model in which part of the tax will be allocated to buy back & burn off the supply incrementally, leading to a continuously shrinking supply.

Fair launch

DADASH started as a fair launch where 8,000,000 DADASH (80% of the total supply) had been paired with 100 BNB and added into Pancakeswap as liquidity.

While 2,000,000 DADASH (20% of the total supply) had been locked away in a vault and reserved for bond issuance.

Taxation and sustainability

A 4.99% tax will be imposed on every buy, sell and transfer transaction. This tax is used to make the coin sustainable as portions will be allocated to back the floor price of the coin and reduce the circulating supply.

Protecting retail investors

No wallet will be able to hold more than 100,000 DADASH (1% of the total supply); this implementation will make the project fair and protect the interest of the retail investor.

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